Privacy Policy

According to the GDPR “European Regulation on the protection of personal data”,  Melis S.r.l. [Melis] describes privacy policy about personal data managed from Melis web-site, users who interact with the web services, and users who use services offered by Melis, even free of charge.
The information is provided only for the site of Melis and not for other websites that may be consulted by the users through links.

The information constitutes the "Privacy Policy" of this site and may be subject to updates.

Melis process all personal data of users / visitors of the services offered in full compliance with the GDPR "European Regulation on the protection of personal data".

Identity of the Owner

The owner of personal data is: MELIS SRL, Via Scavini 2 / A, 28100 Novara.
The DPO has not been designated.

Data Source

The personal data processed are those provided by the interested party on the occasion of:

  • visits to the offices;
  • interactions through the website;
  • requests for information, including by e-mail;
  • previous transactions.

Purpose of the treatment

Tax compliance, organizational management and bureaucratic fulfillment of the requested services. Management of negotiations and pre-contractual relationships. Management of the commercial activities object of the entrepreneurial activity.
Finally, all personal data of the interested parties will be included in the Data Controller's archives and used (having regard to Article 130 paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and also considering the General Provision of the Guarantor GU 1 July 2008 No. 188 / C, formulation 6, points a, b, c) for sending communications concerning products, services, news and promotions.

Legal basis

The legal basis consists of the execution of a contract of which the person concerned is a party or of the implementation of pre-contractual measures taken at the request of the person concerned. Some treatments are carried out for the legitimate interest of the owner (promotion of their commercial activities and pursuit of the statutory purposes).

Recipients of the data

The personal data processed by the Data Controller will not be disclosed, or will not be disclosed to indeterminate subjects, in any possible form, including that of their availability or simple consultation. Instead, they may be communicated to workers who work for the Data Controller and to some external subjects who collaborate with them. They can also be communicated, to the extent strictly necessary, to persons who for the purpose of evasion of purchases or other requests or services related to the transaction or the contractual relationship with the Owner, must provide goods and / or perform services or services. Finally, it may be communicated to the persons entitled to access it under the provisions of the law, regulations, and community regulations. In particular, based on the roles and tasks performed, some workers have been entitled to process personal data, within the limits of their competences and in accordance with the instructions given to them by the Owner.

Data transfer

The owner of data does not transfer personal data to third countries or to international organizations. However, it reserves the right to use cloud services; in which case, the service providers will be selected among those who provide adequate guarantees, as required by art. 46 GDPR 679/16.

Data retention

The owner of data retains and processes personal data for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes indicated. Subsequently, personal data will be stored, and not further processed, for the time established by the current provisions on civil and fiscal matters.



Software processes and computer system used daily personal data broadcast implicit in Internet communication protocols.
Personal data broadcast on this web site processed with third parts data system, can identify the users.
This category of data include: IP address or domain name of computer user used, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) resources required address, request hour, method used to submit the request to the server, answer file size, numerical code indicating server response (successful, error, etc..) and others user parameters refer to operating system and computer environment.
Data are used to obtain anonymous statistical informations on site usage and to check its correct functioning, data will be deleted immediately after processing.
Clearly defined Security measures are observed to prevent data lose, incorrect or illegal not authorize acess.
  Melis will be not responsible for any not authorize access or for personal data lose outs of its control.>


Melis will require to fill registration mandatory form to allow his service use.
Is necessary provide personal data to complete registration mandatory form process; lack of data contribution declare is reason of inability of service.


Melis can require not mandatory data to use the service; user not agree to confer it can subscribe and use the service.
To subscribe the service, Melis personal data require can be different agree with different form model to fill.


Send own email address to the web site reference address, involve to charge it with others sender personal data on the fill form require to access the supplies service. This data can be provide to third parts only in case is necessary to fulfill user request.
Specify information resume will be visualize on web page for dedicated service on demand.
Click on “Yes” button, on registration service form, is confirm approval to process personal data by email, like Melis commercial and promotional materials. In case of user refuse, personal data will be used only for purposes described previously.
Is also possible, after subscribe the service, refuse personal data processing to click on dedicate link in bottom page of all Melis promotional communications send out.


No one users personal data will be obtanied from web-site.
C.d. cookies session ( not permanently stored on user computer and disappeared with browser closing) is limited to transmit identification session (random numbers generated from server), necessary to efficient and safety web site navigation.
C.d. cookies session use in this web-site avoid potential prejudicial technical IT to privacy user web navigation and don’t allow acquisition of personal user identification data.
Melis keep right to use his web site cookies with user consent to support web-site navigation and personalize visualize informations.
Melis in reason to statistical or security purposes, keep right to use similar models to collect user data from the web-site like, IP address, internet browser model and operating system in use, user visited web-pages. Melis web-site can collect this informations to track web-site use and improve it.
On web-site, Melis will be use temporary mark (cookie) to access web-site faster. Cookie is considering computer data, activated only for web connection from Melis to user computer to permit a quick identification. By changing browser set up, User can disable cookie; this modifying can create web-site access problems or slow conditions.

Statistics collection opt-out


Personal data are processing with automatic system for the purposes were collected on strictly necessary time. To prevent loss of data with illegal or incorrect use and unauthorized access, we use specific security measures. Melis keep technical data, relative log in, to make security control equired by law, improve service control quality and personalize with user needs. Melis, in accordance with current law, arrange the recording log files. This data can not identify the user, except data processing match with others providers. Request from Judicial authorities, is the only reason to control this personal data. In this case we must process the enquire to don’t fall into administrative complaint. Rights of the interested party With reference to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and Articles 15 - right of access, 16 - right of rectification, 17 - right to cancellation, 18 - right to limitation of treatment, 20 - right to portability, 21 - right of opposition, 22 right to oppose the automated decision-making process of GDPR 679 / 16, the interested party exercises his rights by writing to the Data Controller at the address above, or by email, specifying the subject of his request, the right that he intends to exercise and attaching a photocopy of an identity document attesting the legitimacy of the request.

Withdrawal of consent

With reference to art. 23 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and art. 6 of GDPR 679/16, the interested party can revoke any consent given at any time. However, the processing subject of this information is lawful and permitted, even without consent, as necessary for the execution of a contract of which the interested party is part (the supply relationship) or to the evasion of his requests.

Complaint proposal

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of the state of residence.

Refusal to provide data

Users can not refuse to give the personal data necessary to comply with the laws that regulate commercial transactions and taxation. The provision of further personal data may be necessary to improve the quality and efficiency of the transaction. Therefore, the refusal to provide the data required by law will prevent the fulfillment of orders; while the provision of additional data may compromise all or part of the processing of other requests and the quality and efficiency of the transaction.

Persons working in the name and on behalf of clients, legal entities may refuse to give their personal data. The provision of personal data is however necessary for a correct and efficient management of the contractual relationship. Therefore, any refusal to provide the data may compromise the contractual relationship in whole or in part.

Automated decision-making processes

The owner of the data does not carry out processing that consists of automated decision-making processes on the data of natural persons clients, or of natural persons operating in the name and on behalf of clients, legal entities.

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